Business Development

One of the most important factors that cause organizations to fail in business development and improving business performance is the lack of organization for business development. Not researching and projecting current ideas, not being open to research and development are some of the obstacles to the development of enterprises.

New business development is in fact a process that involves risk and requires the allocation of risk capital. In some cases, out of dozens or even hundreds of suggestions, only one may be the business idea that will lead the business to success. New business development processes are expensive processes that create value for the organization. Many large organizations we know about today owe their continued existence and competitiveness entirely to these processes.

Research has found that the biggest cause of failure is fundamental uncertainties in processes. Inadequacies in the management and assessment of risks can lead to significant losses and, more importantly, disappointments.

For this reason, Hedef Holding provides professional support for the evaluation and prioritization of proposals, the selection of the most appropriate method and the implementation of new business ideas.